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Hello, and welcome to our stunning escape room experience. Here at Tick Tock Escape Rooms, we’ll go out of our way to challenge you. Our team of designers and game masters have created a selection of rooms perfect for families, friends, tourists, co-workers and for special events. Take a look through our site to learn more.


Our Players

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Who Can Play

Friends and Families 

Fun and challenging for all ages. 

Bring your friends and family to share this unique escape room experience. 

Visitors are given 45 minutes and two hints to complete the room in order to qualify for a successful escape. The top times will be kept on our leaderboards so you can brag to friends!

Corporate events can be booked in for special time slots upon request. 

Our Escape Rooms

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The Mystery of the Philosopher Stone

(For 2-8 Players) The year is 1145 BCE and you are part of the church's elite investigation team. You specialize in looking for those who practice the dark arts. You have gotten word that Edward Alfonso, a man who is known to practice the dark art of alchemy has potentially created an item known as the Philosopher’s Stone. This item is rumored to have power beyond human comprehension so you are tasked with investigating the matter. You are to find the stone and bring it back, so the church can destroy it. Edward has left his home for a short while and rumor is... he’s leaving town for good and never coming back. You have 45 minutes until he returns and then leaves with the stone forever

Out of Order

(2-5 Players) You woke up to a missed call and a voicemail explaining you have a job interview at Tick Tock Enterprise for your dream job. You have very little time to get ready and you rush downtown for the interview. You arrive a little early….. 45 minutes to be exact when you realize you quiet badly need to use the bathroom. You rush into the nearest bathroom you see paying no attention to the “Out of Service” sign on the door. When you try and leave you notice the handle is missing, you now have 45 minutes to find your way out or you will miss out on the chance of a lifetime.


Opening Hours

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Thursday 1700 hrs- 2300 hrs

Friday  1700 hrs - 2300 hrs

Saturday  1200 hrs- 2300 hrs

Sunday  1200 hrs - 1800 hrs

Cost is $24.00 + Sales tax per individual that can be paid at the time of the appointment.

Special requests can be made for corporate or private events please contact us by phone or by email for more information.


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